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Cub Scout Pack 163
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PACK 163
Brick, NJ
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where and when does Pack 163 Meet?
    Pack 163 meets at Midstreams Elementary School on Midstreams Road in Brick. Meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month from 7:00-8:30 PM, unless the school is closed. Den meetings are held on a weekly or semi-weekly basis; time and location are determined at the discretion of the Den Leader.

  • How old do I need to be to join?
    Cub Scouts starts at age 6 or at the completion of Kindergarten.  Cub Scouts runs until the completion of 5th grade. 

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  • Do parents participate?
    At the Cub Scout level, parent participation is mandatory, and is always appreciated. The Tiger program which is for the youngest age group age 6 or entering 1st grade, requires a parent/guardian at every function.  After the Tiger year scouts may be left in the charge of the Den Leaders, however; this is always at leader discretion.  We are always looking for leaders and assistance on the pack committee. The unit is only as strong as it's leadership, and if everyone lends a hand it makes it easier on everyone involved.

  • I have a problem with leaving my son in the charge of an adult I barely know!
    That is completely understandable, rest assured your son's den leader will be required to complete B.S.A. leadership and youth protection training.  B.S.A. strickly enforces two (2) deep leadership, so no child will ever be alone with a single adult.

  • Do I have to wear a uniform?
    Yes, as in sports you don't have to play in every game, but; you have to suit up for all of them! Part of Scouting is about equality, and the uniform assures that each individual is the same and has the same opportunity regardless of race, creed, color, and financial standing. We do have meetings/events which leadership will deem class "B" or casual, these will always be announced in advance.

  • I am joining as a 3rd grade Bear Scout, do I have to earn my tiger and wolf first?
    Not at all, in the cub scouts you can start at any point.  If you come in as a Bear Scout, then you will continue from Bear rank on.  The only rank that each Cub Scout must earn is Bobcat, and that can be earned at any age level.

  • I'm a parent, can I become a leader?
    Absolutely! We are always looking for leaders and Assistant leaders.

  • OK; but, I don't know anything about the program?
    Fear not, in Pack 163 leader training is provided and in fact mandatory. The unit will pay for you to attend formal training offered by our local B.S.A. council that will prepare you for working with our youth and provide you with all the guidance you will need.

  • Sounds expensive I don't know if we can afford it?
    In scouting we believe that no boy should be left behind. Scouts will do one or two fundraisers each year to offset the cost of the program. If that is still not enough our pack does sponsor boys who do not have the financial means to participate. Sponsorships are completely confidential and kept between the Comittee chairperson/treasurer and the parents of the sponsored boy.

  • Is Pack 163 the only scout unit in the area?
    No there are several packs in the Brick area, while we feel we are the best, which one you join is entirely up to you. We always recommend you check out, and visit a few packs to see which provides the dynamic you are looking for, or you are looking for, for your son. While all follow the basic Boy Scouts of America guidelines, each program is unique. Some units camp more than others, some travel far and wide, while others stay mostly local. Some rely on fund raising while others cost more to participate. The choice is yours!