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Christmas Party

Christmas Party / Bring a Buddy Event

For our Christmas party we will be doing a White Elephant gift exchange, it will use the White Elephant Poem to do the exchange. So for the present please have the girls get something not to big or small . Please nothing to expensive lets say 5.00 . Please be colorful in wrapping the of gift, the poem does use colors to do some of the choosing.

Also please have the girls were some holiday attire for the same reason the poem uses colors, etc. for the exchange. Then if it is fine with everyone we will take a group photo. We have not asked everyone if they are ok with pictures but I think we all would like a cute group holiday shot with there friends from Girl Scouts. As we all know December is a busy month for us all but we would like to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

cookie exchange can be store bought or homemade remember this is for the girls to have fun

and not be stressed out feeling they have to compete with each other

ornament making we will be making ornaments for the girls to take home and give as gifts to whoever they want to give cheer to


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