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A Little History of Emory's Scouting Program


Preacher Benson started Boy Scout Troop 326 in 1933. The troop first metin the garage of the parsonage in Fowblesburg. It was later moved toJoe Clark’s blacksmith shop in Boring and then, finally, to Emory Hall.Scouts got off the school bus each Friday, chopped wood and fired-up thefurnace, so the Scout Meeting could be held.
For most of the Troop’s life, the Scoutmaster was GuyTregoe. To this day his influence is felt in the lives of the scouts heled. Troop 326 faded over time, but scouting came back to Emory in 1948with Troop 495. Mr. Peck Bond led Troop 495 for four years, followed byMr. Scott Farley, Mr. Jim Elliott and Mr. Parker Morrell.
Troop 9 was chartered November 1, 1990. Mr. Ben Ward hadbeen Scoutmaster of Troop 694 from 1974 through 1977. When asked by PeckBond to keep the number 495 from the original troop, Mr. Ben, wantingto be loyal to both troops, recognized the number 9 as a common threadbetween the old and new troops and chose that as the troop number.
In 2005 Ben Ward stepped down, and Mr. Randy Wineke tookover the roll as the Scoutmaster. Over the next ten years, the troopgrew in size very quickly. With hard work and dedication, Mr. Randy hadthe honor of giving the Eagle Charge to 23 Eagle Scouts. In 2010, Mr.Randy stepped down, as scoutmaster and he became Troop 9's EagleAdvisor.
On July 1, 2010 Mr. Scott Wallace became the Scoutmaster.
On June 15, 2012, Mr. Randy Wineke became the Scoutmaster.
In June, 2014, Mr. Adam Hetrick became the new Scoutmaster.
In 2016, Mr. Joe Sviatko became the new Scoutmaster.

Chartered by:
Emory United Methodist Church, 1600 Emory Road, Upperco, Maryland 21155

Thursday evening, 7:00-8:30 pm, from September to June

For More Information:
Contact Mr. Joe Sviatko (ScoutMaster) at


JD McGurn (Committee Chair) at


Troop 9 Camp Ground - Mattaponi

            A member of EmoryChurch donated several acres of land to Troop 9 to be used as their ownprivate campground. The troop named it 'MATTAPONI, after the MattaponiIndian Tribe. 
         Atthe beginning of each scout years, the scouts hike from the EmoryChurch several miles down to the Mattaponi campground. As a troop theywork together over a weekend to clean it up, build new structures, andmake improvements to the existing property. During the scout year, thetroop and individual scout patrols utilize the campground for variousdifferent outings.

God grant me,

 M anhood

 A mbition

 T ruth

 T emperance

 A dmiration

 P urpose

 O bservation

 N ature

 I magination

Amen .

Troop 9 Accomplishments

72 registered scouts (as of 2014-2015 scout year)

EAGLE SCOUTS: 46 scouts (as of 2016) have earned the Rank of Eagle since 1992.


  • - 100% Boys Life Unit: since 1991;
  • - Baden Powell Award: 2003;
  • - EXPO Camping & Participation: 2000;
  • - Florida Sea Base - Captain's Award: 2011, 2009;
  • - Friends of Scouting Unit: since 1991;
  • - Klondike Derby/Sleds: 1st Place 2009, 2008, 1993, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2009; 2nd Place 2011, 2010, 1992; 3rd Place 1994;
  • - Klondike Derby - High Adventure/Overall: 1st Place 2011;
  • - Klondike Derby - High Adventure/GPS: 1st Place 2011; 2nd Place 2008; 3rd Place 2010;
  • - Klondike Derby - High Adventure/Siege Engine: 2nd Place 2011;
  • - Klondike Derby - High Adventure/Bikathon: 3rd Place 2011;
  • - OA - Carroll Chapter Honor Troop Award: since 2007;
  • - OA - Nentico Camping Award: since 2007;
  • - Quality Unit Award: since 1991;
  • - Scouting Olympics: 1st Place 1999; 5th Place 1995;
  • - Spring Camporee: 5th Place 1992;

SPECIAL SCOUTING EVENTS: KlondikeDerby, Spring Camporee, Fall Camporee, Merit Badge Quest, National BoyScout Jamboree, Japanese Exchange Scouts, Be Prepared Central Maryland,Scout Sunday, Scouting for Food.

HIGH ADVENTURE: Participates at Philmont, Florida Sea Base, and the Grand Tetons.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Very active in the community.

ACTIVITIES: An average of one outing per month ranging from hikes to high adventures.
(Immediate family members are invited to all outings).