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How much does Scouting cost?

All Troop members pay a registration fee of$24.00 per year. (Jan.-Dec.) Those joining during the year, fees areprorated monthly.

The Annual Dues  - helps to pay for annual registration, Boys LifeMagazine subscription, numerous awards, badges, pins, camping fees, andmore.  It usually is NOT enough for all expenses (see fund raising below).

Monthly Camp-Outs - .   Each patrol creates their own menu, gathersthe supplies and cooks all of their own food! The Grocery cost is kept at $10per boy that signs up for the camping trip, once thefood is bought they are assessed the $10 whether they attend or not (inextenuating circumstances fees can be waived by the Troop Committee on a caseby case basis).

Summer camp a nine day long adventure is a great experience, and weencourage Scouts to attend every year.   The cost fee is$310.00 Please start saving for this NOW so that Camp is not a "financialburden" when payment is due (usually April of each year).Payments can be made throughout the year to the Troop Treasurer.

Fund Raising - held as needed to supplement the cost of running theTroop.  Covers new/replacement equipment (tents, stoves, cook gear,propane tanks, etc.), or to cover the cost of more elaborate campingdestinations.  A portion is usually designated for Scout Accounts.

Scout Accounts - The Troop allocates a portion of fund raising to eachparticipating boy's own "Scout Account".  This encourages boysto actively participate in fund raising efforts.  The harder a Scoutworks, the more he will earn for himself.    Funds are heldin escrow by the Troop Treasurer, and can be used to cover the costs thatScouts for ANY Scouting-related expense. 

For the year 2013 a Scout that went on everyouting including Summer Camp at H. Roe Bartle Scout reservation, their total"Scouting Expense" was just over $500.  Which breaks down toless than $50 per month!  That's about $1.64 per day! How much is thatdaily run to Starbucks?