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Welcome to Pack 215!


Welcome to Pack 215!!!

Join Pack 215 as we begin another year of fun and adventure! 

Cub Scouting is a year-round program designed for boys in the 1st through 5th grades. The purpose of Cub Scouts is to have fun - but to do so in a way that promotes learning and development.  Parents, leaders, and organizations work together to achieve the following:
  • Influencing the development of character and encouraging spiritual growth
  • Developing habits and attitudes of good citizenship
  • Improving understanding within the family
  • Strengthening the ability to get along with and respect other people
  • Fostering a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills
  • Showing how to have fun and do one's best
  • Providing new and exciting things to do
  • Preparing them to become Boy Scouts

Cub Scouting is for families. Scouting has always been a support to families as well as to organizations to which families belong. Cub Scouting provides opportunities for families to work and play together, to have fun together, and even to get to know each other a little better.

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