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Boy Scout Troop 48
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Troop 48 Lynnfield

Welcome to the official website of Boy Scout Troop 48 of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, United States of America!

Thank you for visiting the website. Please look around the website for any information about  the troop. Contact our troop with any questions and/or suggestions.
Announcements and Other Notes
  • Register for the September OA ordeal if you were elected into the OA and wish to become a member
  • Think of good trips for the 2016-2017 scouting year
  • Have a good summer!

Donate To Troop 48!

Donate to Troop 48! All donations will go towards items bought for the troop.
You can also access the website at or

Bonvenon al la oficiala retpagxaro de Trupo 48 de Linfildo, Masacuseco, Usono.